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1. Sensation (continued)

1.3 Measuring Color Sensation

(Heavens! Of course we won't really measure color sensation. We are engineers and we're going to measure just a few physical parameters of light. Those which determine color sensation.)

  Contents of paragraph 1.3:
  1.3.0 Basics
  1.3.1 Hue - Lightness - Saturation (HLS)
  1.3.2 CIE x-y-z chromaticity diagram
  1.3.3 CIE L,a,b color co-ordinates
  1.3.4 Correlated Color Temperature
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1.3.0 Basics

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It deals with the measurement technique and procedure using either spectrally integrating hardware or spectrally resolving hardware. Advantages and drawbacks are considered.

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