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To which kind of readers is the website addressed; what do I intend?
What kind of services do I offer?
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What I have been - am - want to become
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Sample Texts:
Intended as appetizers:
Interesting and instructive facts from opto-electronics.
In every text some paragraphs are missing.
You can buy complete texts from me (see "Services").

    "Applying Objective
      Lenses Professionally"
The mysteries of lens systems; for lens users only. (Available today.)
    "Color" Sensation, Physics, and Technology of Color. (Available today.)
    "Poisson Noise" Influence of sensor pixel size and of sensitivity on image shot noise. (Available today.)
    "Measuring Light" Radiometry, photometry, influence of distance,
laser radiation measurement. (Available today.)
    "Skiing with Lambert" Snow, illumination and machine vision. (Available today.)
Linking to many standardizing and assessing institutes
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