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M E A S U R I N G   L I G H T (continued)

9. Conclusion

Though light measurement is rather an old discipline, its importance results from a wide application range:
from integrated optics, and fiber optic telecomm links, and any kind of lamp- and lighting design, through to astronomy and to nuclear fusion experiments.

So, understanding light measurement results across the disciplines is of paramount importance.
This understandability can benefit a great deal from extended use of a vocabulary that CIE has published (1).
Additionally, the CIE-recommended quantities are powerful tools for describing and measuring light distributions and -densities across areas, angles, and wavelengths.

My essay uses and describes these terms in the context of practical measurement applications.

I hope that you find it, use it, and like it!

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vocabulary text ref. (1) CIE Publication 17.4: "International Lighting Vocabulary", Geneva 1987, ISBN 2-8273-0006-0

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